Bioware hiring ‘Data Analyst’ for SWTOR’s Cartel Market?

According to the Reddit link, this is a position for “Cartel Market Analytics”. The original job offer says “Data Analyst”. Find the differences. :)

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BioWare Austin is home to the critically acclaimed and award winning Star Wars®: The Old Republic™ MMO. BioWare’s Analytics and Reporting team aggregates, analyzes, and reports data in order to inform decisions and track KPIs. The Austin studio is looking for an experienced, energetic, full-time Monetization Analyst to work with our development team.  This person will focus on analyzing, managing, growing, and optimizing the in-game item catalog to maximize monetization potential for Star Wars®: The Old Republic™.   This job requires previous experience working with item catalog management systems, high-data volumes, and monetization optimization.

The bulletpoints below describe the job offering and requirements for the candidates:


  • Work with development colleagues to define, measure, inform, and optimize an in-game item catalog system
  • Inform and drive the day-to-day implementation, pricing, and optimization of in-game revenue streams
  • Optimize catalog assortment (item mix/overlap) and maximize the efficiency (entry/exit timing) of the item portfolio
  • Work with design and development to formulate strategies to enable individualized, player-behavior based offers
  • Design, implement, and validate statistical models and A/B testing for catalog offerings, campaigns, and promotions
  • Analyze and report spending behavior, buyer segmentation, and behavioral trends
  • Keep abreast of competitors, providing intelligence reports on new developments within this space


  • B.A. or B.S. in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Computer Science, Engineering Sciences, or related fields
  • 1+ years performing quantitative analysis in a metrics-driven, digital product management environment; free-to-play micro-transaction store management experience a plus
  • Proven ability to develop hypotheses, sift through and identify critical data, analyze, report and recommend actionable insights to team members, stakeholders and senior leadership
  • Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills that translate data into decision support; high attention to detail
  • Strong SQL skills; familiarity with data warehousing structures and best practices preferred
  • Some experience with digital product campaign and promotion design and evaluation
  • Some experience in defining, developing, testing, and optimizing digital item catalog systems
  • Familiarity working with video game metrics and datasets strongly preferred
  • Solid grasp of finance, economics, and pricing models
  • Candidate should have a general knowledge of general online game design paradigms
  • Experience with MicroStrategy and/or similar tools considered a plus
  • Ability to effectively manage time and prioritize tasks in a fast-paced, high-volume, deadline-driven environment
  • Passion for gaming, preferably with a focus on MMOs

Check out the full “Career Oportunity” here.

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