No Scheduled Live Shows for the week of 04-10 April 2016

Vulkk-Free week for all of you :)

Jokes aside. I’d like to inform you of my incoming trip to London (visiting my brother there). I will be away from 7th until 12th and live streaming this and possibly the next week will not be scheduled. Before my flight on Thursday I may find a bit of extra time to share fun moments and good gameplay with you, but as I am focusing on preparing videos for a whole week ahead. I may have to be glued to the rendering screen/software for much longer than usual. And with the home run I did with the SWTOR Eternal Championship coverage last week, I feel a bit tired. Thankfully my efforts proved worth as you all (well, probably not all :P) found my guide and videos very useful and enjoyable.

I am aiming at having fun on this short trip. I’ve never been to London and now I only have 3-4 days to explore what I care most about the location (Architecture, Dinosaurs and Football :P). Not going to be easy, but I accept the challenge of time! And… I might just come back with some new Star Wars souvenir (depends if my bro brings me to a place that sells Star Wars stuff). Considering how hard it is to find ANY quality and new Star Wars merchandise here, I hope I can pick up something nice from London.

So, TL:DR is that I may be responding less or not at all during these next few days and I will not have any scheduled live shows.

I am expecting to pick up my brand new Headset this afternoon, so it’s only natural that I would want to test and show it off. There might be some Live Streams after all :)))

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