Rumor: New SWTOR CGI Trailer from Blur in the works?

James Ohlen teases on a new Blur project for SWTOR

In a very neat way James Ohlen suggested something in one of his Tweets today.

Are we to expect a new CGI trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic? Blur Studio is the company behind the previously released such trailers for the game and it is not hard to believe that James is hinting at a new upcoming one, again from the same studio and again for the same game.

My personal guess is it’s going to be about Season 2 of Fallen Empire, but secretly I actually hope it might be about an upcoming new SWTOR Operation. If Malgus is in it, I’d be happy either way and, to be honest, I know I said I hope for the 2nd one (an ops), but it’s absent any logic as Bioware and Blur have never created CGI trailers for their group content, always related to single play story.

What’s your best guess?

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