Reminder: April 2016 SWTOR Producer Live Stream is Tonight

A sneak-peak of Chapter XIII tonight live from Bioware’s Producer Live Stream

Much like we’ve seen it happen in the past couple months, April’s SWTOR Producer Live Stream will air live in the late evening (for me anyway) on Tuesday 5th of April. The official time is 2pm PT, which corresponds to 21:00GMT. Plenty of time for the Early Access Subscribers to play through the new Chapter XII (or see it on my live show :P).

Here’s the tiny bit of official information we have from Bioware about the upcoming stream:

Producer Live Stream

WHAT: Get the latest scoop on what’s happening in and around the game, and get a first look at Chapter 13: Profit and Plunder!
WHEN: Tuesday, April 5th, 2-2:30 PM PT

Expect the full coverage of it + video right here, on As usual :)

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