Stormtrooper – a Star Wars Fan Film

Stormtrooper is a person. They all have lives. They are happy and sad. They struggle in their lives just like all normal people. This short Star Wars Fan Film was published to YouTube on 6th March 2016, but I caught it just now thanks to and am also re-sharing it. There’s something very special in the clip. Something sad, something touching, something funny and something serious. I really liked it. Well… would not have shared it otherwise :P

[iframe id=”″]

Production Notes:

Myndband unnið af Spunk Team // Produced by Spunk Team
Haukur Jóhannesson / Daníel Jón Jónsson

Download Bara Heiða’s songs:

Stormtrooper TK-22304 – Tómas Árnason
Coworkers – David Wilkie, Sverrir Tynes og Tómas Árnason
Hot dog man – Skúli Mennski
Bad date – Ingeborg Andersen
Big love – Heiða Dóra Jónsdóttir

Bara Heiða – Stormtrooper

Song written by Bara Heiðu
Vocals & ukulele – Bara Heiða
Violin – Martin Frewer
Drums – Jón Geir Jóhannsson
Guitar, synths, percussion, backing vocals & bass – Arnar Guðjónsson
Song produced by Arnar Guðjónsson /Aeronaut Studios
Mastering – Finnur Hákonarson

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