SWTOR Zakuul Alphabet deciphered

Do you want to learn the Zakuul alphabet, this is a good place to start

I rarely read the official SWTOR.com forums, except for the Dev Posts (D’OH!), which means from time to time I miss some incredible treasures in the form of posts or full threads. Today, thanks to this post on SWTOR’s subreddit made by Swtorista, I learned a lot about Zakuul’s alphabet and the specific fonts used throughout the planet in advertisement, boards, signs and more.

It turns out that there are 2 different types of Zakuul alphabet. Forum member Idnewton, who, unfortunately, seems to have left the game now (according to his signature) has put some serious effort into deciphering the Zakuulan letters.

He explains in the very first post why he decided to start working on this “project” of his:

Well I’m pretty big on fonts, I’ve already learned Aurebesh, Sith, Mandalorian and I’ve started to learn Futhork. When I saw a new-looking font on Zakuul, that was naturally a significant interest for me. Since it doesn’t appear to match any existing Star Wars fonts, I’m creating this thread so hopefully between various community members, we can get more pictures of the uses of this text and hopefully identify which letters are what. If Bioware could just tell us by giving us a character sheet, that’d be best, but otherwise I’ll do what I can to identify the letters that are being used (since presumably we’ll still be missing some less-common letters like Q, X and perhaps J, though I imagine Z will be rather common as this is Zakuul).

He discovered that:

There are actually four variants. There’s Fancy and Rigid, yes, but there’s also what I’m calling “Old Zakuul” and “New Zakuul”, which has a few letter differences (the A, C, Y and Z are different). I’m still missing X, J and Q (simply because I haven’t found them ingame yet) and there could theoretically be more letter changes between Old and New Zakuul which I may discover, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Quite a lot of speculations and theories are shared in the thread and it was a lovely experience reading and learning.

It is no wonder I felt an urge to go and replay Fallen Empire on another alt of mine. Yeah, I do have a lot :)))

Thanks to Swtorista for sharing this on Reddit, so I had a better chance to discover it and to Idnewton for sharing his work on deciphering the Zakuulan’s writings.

Read the full thread on http://www.swtor.com

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