SWTOR Eternal Empire Recon Walker Update

Currently this Walker is a very rare mount drop from the Star Fortress heroics. Starting Patch 4.4 it will be a legacy bound reward and a part of the rewards from the Eternal Championship (able to purchase with the tokens).

► Eternal Empire Recon Walker | 04.27.2016, 02:27 PM

Hey folks,

I wanted to pass on some information regarding a change to the Eternal Empire Recon Walker that is coming in Game Update 4.4. Currently, the Walker is a rare drop from The Exarch in Star Fortresses. We are making two changes to the mount. First, the Walker will now also be available from an Eternal Championship vendor. Second, we are changing the item from Bind on Equip to Bind on Legacy. If you have an active GTN sale at the time of 4.4’s release, this will behave normally. However at the time of sale or expiration, the item will become Bind on Legacy.

Thanks everyone.


Edit: now has correct info

And another update shortly after that post:

I misspoke slightly (and will correct my post above). The Walker will not drop from the Eternal Championship, but it is purchasable for currency which drops from it. Additionally, the Walker will still drop from Star Fortresses and is now BoL.

Apologies for any confusion, thanks everyone.


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