The Witcher 3 WTF Box – Smile, it’s Friday! #003

It’s Friday, time to relax from a hard week of work or school

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The WTF Box

This Week’s Friday Joke is about The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Even in the perfect games one can find flaws and stupid Dveloper decisions. Such one is the idea of adding a scroll bar to the inventory tab in the left corner while leaving the bottom left corner of the screen empty for no good reason (well… there’s a tooltip there when using a controller).


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Strength and Resolve

But then I stumbled upon this comic strip and I just could not refuse the urge to add it too. So, this week we have 2in1 and both about the Witcher :)



You could share your own personal favorites here too. Laughter is a great tool for… everything! :)

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