What EA thinks of SWTOR’s performance this year

They said nearly nothing, but here’s what a fan hears :P

In the Electronic Arts Inc Earnings Call there’s a brief mention of Star Wars The Old Republic and it is in a very positive form. The “big guys” who make decisions based on… money (you thought I might say “player feedback”, didn’t you? Pff! :P) are happy with the game’s presence and performance this year. Even more, they are hinting at… “extra content” on top of the already planned Fallen Empire Storyline. I am a blind fan, so I want to take this as “more and unexpected new content. You take it as you wish and… since I am worried mine could be a very biased opinion, I rely on you to slap me and bring me back to reality :)))

Here’s the quote from Blake Jorgensen (CFO):

We saw continued growth of our original Star Wars product, Star Wars: The Old Republic, as well as extra content associated with The Sims, with Battlefield, Battlefield 4, and obviously the start of the Battlefront extra content. The bulk of that, though, is on the components I just mentioned, really drove the outsized performance in the quarter for extra content. 

In all honesty, they seem to be focusing now on the next Star Wars Game. We already heard about the next Star Wars 3rd person action game, Battlefront is going well (financially, I mean!) and EA’s plan is to produce “at least one game per year”.

If you wish to, you can check the full document here.

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