SWTOR Marathon: What we learned from the Musco Live Stream

Tons of fun and little new info is all we got from Musco yesterday :)

I’ll tell you in a few bullet-points what tidbits I managed to extract as interesting information. Before that I must admit that I left around the 9th-10th hour (was 1am already for me :P), so I caught up with the Twitch’s VOD for what happened after that.

  • ss (2016-05-15 at 10.37.22)The live show started exactly on time – 14GMT. There was a short test pre-stream for Eric Musco (SWTOR’s Community Manager and host of this event) to tune every final setting before it begins. The real playthrough happened on POT5 (one of the so called dead servers).
  • The SWTOR live stream marathon ran for 15 hours and 18 minutes. It was a Saturday, so all the guys who appeared around and with Musco do deserve a THANKS for sharing their day off with us. It was a working day for us here in Bulgaria (because of Easter’s holiday), but that’s irrelevant, really :)
  • You can watch the recorded video here: https://www.twitch.tv/swtor/v/66376234
  • Musco played through all 13 currently available chapters, as he promised. He choose a Dark Side Gunnery Commando.
  • Musco has weird keybinds. But.. well, I admit, that’s just me trolling, because to all of us keybind freaks, every other person’s keybinds seem bad, weird and messy. Right?!
  • He stated in the very beginning (and multiple times throughout the show) that this live stream is about fun, gameplay and chat with the community. It wasn’t planned for new announcements to be made and news to be extracted out of it
  • The quesion “When will we have new Ops?” was asked 127890 times. The 2nd most popular was… “Are we ever gonna have a new Ops?”. It was asked only 8719 times.
  • To the questions listed in the previous bullet point Musco answered only 341 times with the following: “We have no short term plans for a new operation in SWTOR. As soon as we have something to announce, we will.” To this he often also added: “We at Bioware will never say never about anything related to the game.” So, he did, in fact, say “never”! Hmm.
  • ss (2016-05-15 at 10.48.21)During the marathon Musco had many guests, such as Charles Boyd, Tait Watson, Michael Backus, Musco boss Keith, Deb and her Ewok (picture to the right) and more. Each one of them stopped by to say hi and not much more. Just casual chat. Each one of the also did a Giveaway for the viewers.
  • There were tons and tons of Giveaways – scheduled ones in between each chapter, random code posts in chat and the already mentioned big ones from Musco’s guests. Now I know why he didn’t share any codes with me for my May Special Live Shows (the 3rd of may Chapter 13 ones, remember? The ones where I gave away 8400 Cartel Coins from my own pool and KOTOR 1 & 2 codes)
  • Questions such as “Will you ever revive GSF” were met by Musco with a grunt and a return-question “What the hell is GSF?” But, (my) jokes aside, there was no new information regarding future plans for GSF.
  • Nothing was shared about plans for SWTOR PvP Season 7 rewards program. Well, Musco did give “We can’t talk about that yet.” kind of a reply.
  • He seemed very fresh at the end of the marathon.
  • We heard a clarification about Chapters 14 and 15. They will BOTH be released in June, you have to be active subscriber on 1st June to get early access to BOTH of them, but the release dates have not yet been announced!
  • Tait, who was supposed to support him from the stream chat, fell asleep. (for the record, that is a joke :P)
  • ss (2016-05-15 at 10.31.50)Musco had an idea of going through the Eternal Championship if he finishes the 13 chapters sooner than intended, but he didn’t do it (I think it was because he was affraid he might beat all other speedruns and win the contest). As I (and he himself) said, the marathon was planned to last 14-15 hours. And we know Bioware’s policy when it comes to prolonging live streams. Remember how many times their live streams were cut off in the end? Those were funny :P
  • The average viewer count was ~500 in the first 3-4 hours, then went up to 600-650 until the 9th-10th hour (when I went to sleep). After I came back to check the recorded video, I couldn’t see a counter, but the chat seemed very alive. Update: near the end there were ~1000 viewers (updated thanks to Texasean)
  • Next week we will receive more and new information about the upcoming SWTOR Cantina event in London. (note added thanks to Theho)
  • Around 10h38 a group of players met Musco’s character to buff and snowball him. We all know how powerful the Snowball buff is. Musco would have never survived the next chapter without it! (note added thanks to Kevin Anderson)
  • Musco does a terrible Wookiee impression (note added thanks to TwistedMemories)
  • Musco tried to demonstrate some sort of a “bird scream”, but it was more likely to be an attempt to deafen all the headphone users watching live :P. You can hear/see it around the 14h26 mark of the VOD. (note added thanks to Urza)
  • The phrase “better than cross-server” was never said as an official feature coming to the game. Musco made it clear that Bioware never meant it in such way and it was a “one on one” line said during a Cantina event last November. hear it at the 9h54 mark. (note added thanks to Shaun Salisbury)
  • ss (2016-05-15 at 11.17.26)Oh, one more! Check the picture to the right. We caught Musco sleeping on camera! (He actually was bending forward to eat :P)

I’m sure I have missed a lot of great jokes from the chat as well as probably some other interesting notes, but, hey… from the tone of my writing and the type of this presentation, I think you already understand that I didn’t mean for this to be in a strictly formal news format. Right?!

If you want to add more tales and stories from this event, leave a comment, I’ll add them as new bullet points :)

My conclusion:

Good show, Musco did what he promised – tons of giveaways, laughs and entertainment, no new information or announcements whatsoever. He lasted the 15 hours with ease and provided a lot of fun for the community.

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