SWTOR Character Transfer Sale Announcement

Cheap Character Transfers again, but… not really :)

Well, I am sure it is NOT what most who complained about the new pricing were hoping for. Let me tell you what and why. Bioware is giving another chance to players to transfer their characters cheaply (again for only 90CC) between 26th May and 5th June. The downside is that this discount is only valid for the local transfers. The cross-region, or as Bioware calls them Regional Transfers, will not be included in this promotion.

► Character Transfer Sale 5/26 – 6/5 | 05.17.2016, 08:46 PM

Hey folks,

As Ben mentioned in his earlier forum post, we definitely wanted to allow Guilds and players time to organize themselves within the previous Character Transfer sale. With that in mind, we are going to be introducing one more sale period before they revert to their new price of 1,000 Cartel Coins (1,500 for Regional). Here are the sale details:

When: Thursday, May 26th – Sunday, June 5th
What: Character transfers (not including Regional) will be 90 Cartel Coins
Where: Make sure that you are logged into swtor.com and go here.

Thanks everyone. Spread the word!


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