Announcing the SWTOR May 2016 Giveaways

Lots of Cartel Coins coming your way in the next few weeks

It’s a little late, but I did that because of the 3 other Giveaways I was waiting to finish on 12th of May. I have not received a reply from 2 of the 3 winners, so I have interesting things to announce.

ss (2016-05-21 at 03.26.35)After more than a week and 2 messages sent to each one of them, I received no reply. This means I now have a Hypercrate and 2000 Cartel Coins left with no taker*. The 2000 Cartel Coins will be given away via a YouTube video I am about to upload very soon (Update: the video is already online, watch it and leave a comment to enter this giveaway). Requirement to win will be to post a comment on that said video. The Hypercrate I will give away on my June Hypercrate Opening video after it’s released by Bioware. The 3rd reward is the regular May 2016 Monthly Giveaway Gleam Contest, which I started with, hehe. This month it will be 3000 Cartel Coins and will run from 22nd May until Midnight on 31st May. The winner will be announced in the first few days of June.

There’s also a 4th way I want to share some of my Cartel Coins with you. I’ve made an attempt to re-start the Weekly Games here on Depending on the interest and your recommendations in the next couple of weeks, I will decide if they have a future as a truly “Weekly Game” feature or just randomly from time to time.

Goood luck, everyone!

 * If you are wondering why I don’t just pick another winner for the previously announced giveaways (the 2000CC and the Hypercrate), it’s because the videos these giveaways were attached to have received a lot of new comments since the deadline and the tool I use to draw a winner doesn’t allow me to pick comments from a specific period of time only. I consider this unfair, so am doing a new one :)

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