SWTOR Double XP (extended) weekend returns

Double XP returns before Chapter 14 and 15 in the end of May

I just want to remind all of you that Bioware is doing another extended (4 days long) Double XP Weekend in Star Wars The Old Republic. The event starts on 26th May and will last until 30th May. 1st June is when players need to be Subscribed in order to receive early access to Chapter 14 and 15, both of which will release in June.

Double XP alows players (subscribers) to level up by doing ONLY the main class missions, completely ignoring all planetary missions, side story arks and such. During the event even XP stims and Legacy perks are not required (I’ve tested it) as the XP eaned by only doing main class storyline missions is more than enough to get you level by level all the way to the end.

I personally plan to greatly benefit from this upcoming even with my newest character Burzo, the Bount Hunter. In fact I plan to end his journey with and during this 2x XP event, just like I started it during the previous one in the beginning of May.

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