Ideas for creating a new SWTOR class

An easy(er) and cheaper way for Bioware to create a new SWTOR class

A subscriber of mine, Patrick, shared his idea of a new class with me recently and I thought it’s worth a discussion. I personally liked the idea of a lvl 65 new (sub)class that will spawn after you unlock a specific chapter in Fallen Empire. Maybe to add a layer – that class’s background and perks could depend on what side the player has been playing – dark or light. It could spawn its own little side mini-story, because we know there are no plans for a real new class and we’ll likely never see one added to the game. His proposal follows the line of KOTFE – more single player story. Well, with a new class, we’d hope to see some new abilities, which involves balancing, but according to the community Bioware has been doing a great job all these years balancing the gameplay between all the already available classes, so we shouldn’t have fears here. One quick look at the PvP forums is enough :)))

Here is his original text:

The idea is to add new class(es). I have currently 3 ways that you could add it.

-F2P/Pref/Sub (whatever you feel is the best, I would say sub, but some people would prob be upset, could make it sub for the first 6 months then for everyone or whatever works, please note these are just ideas)
-Level 65 (I will explain a bit below)
-Made it to a certain chapter to be able to unlock class(es)

Option A:
The classic way. 2 new classes, one for the Republic and one for the Empire.
You start at lets say chapter 18 where you meet this new specie or old specie (whatever that works for you) And you play from there.

Option B:
The World Of Warcraft way. You see at 0:17 where you pick also feel free to look here Is like option A, here you are just neutral and have 1 class and can either go Republic or Empire.

Option C:
The Third Faction? As we all know, there are currently the Republic, the Empire and the Hutts faction.

Option C.1:
Sorta the same like Option B, you work for the Hutts or maybe some Zakuul thugs (maybe fallen siths and jedi’s?). And you meet the Empire and Republic and one of them makes you leave the Zakuul thugs to join them. You pick a side.

Option C.2:
This one will actually require voice acting (sorta)
Works like Option C.1 But here you will NOT join the Republic or the Empire. Here you will stay with the Hutts, Zakuul or whichever faction you come up with. And you fight to kill certain people etc. The main problem with this will be PvP and splitting up the community even more by having 3 factions but just an idea.

Why level 65? Why a certain chapter?
If you want no voice acting and want to keep it KOTOR style/feel then this idea would work. Only voice acting will be the NPCs. Certain chapter, is pretty much to show this new/old specie, the new class(es), perhaps a new world where they live? There are so many ideas.

So, what do you think? If you like his idea, leave a comment on the thread he started in the official forums here.

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