SWTOR Eternal Championship character gear rating per boss kill

Official Bioware information about the gear used to defeat all 10 bosses

Ben Irving posted interesting information regarding the average item rating of the character gear that players had when defeating each one of the 10 boss encounters of the Eternal Championship.

► I did Eternal Championship (an actual poll) | 06.15.2016, 01:51 PM

Thought this thread was really cool and realized I had the information at my fingertips so I wanted to share. Below is the average item rating for characters who completed each encounter of the Eternal Championship in the last two weeks.

Average Item Rating
1st Boss -209.04
2nd Boss – 209.91
3rd Boss – 210.26
4th Boss – 210.59
5th Boss – 211.38
6th Boss – 211.98
7th Boss – 212.22
8th Boss – 212.35
9th Boss – 212.40
10th Boss – 212.40

And this is a fan made poll with a similar question asked. It was this poll and the comments in the thread it was posted to that provoked Ben to share the official Bioware results. As we all expect, the boss encounters after 5th become a bit more challenging and the last 4 are another step up.

Have you defeated the 10 bosses from the Eternal Championship? If you need help, I have a full and very detailed guide on each one of the encounters as well as a full quest walkthrough, including the rewards from the vendor in the cantina.

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