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Things that may surprise you about The Witcher 3

The title is a copy/paste from a thread over at the Witcher SubReddit. The posts inside are each one more interesting and strange  than the previous. A must read and research for all Witcher 3 fans.

Here are some of the stories and facts people have shared so far:

Enemies dies when they hit water (haven’t tested land drowners yet).
In conjunction with said fact, you can axii a flying enemy to make them crash.
Crashing said enemy into water = instakill.

There is a really small character. He’s involved in a mission with Djikstra. Djikstra hired him to find his stolen gold or something. I think his name is Ponce? Anyways you can find him roaming the streets of Novigrad before that quest. It blew my mind the first time I noticed it.
In a quest during White Orchard you can help this guy find his missing brother in a battlefield. After you find him and save the Nilfgaardian you can find all 3 of them, 4 including Niellen’s wife, at their farm. The dog is there as well.

Geralt used to wear a headband, but Yennefer made him stop wearing it because she thought it was tacky.

The guy you meet at the Vegelbud party, Moritz (he’s the guy that knows Triss), can be seen outside of Novigrad tied to a pyre while some soldiers prepare to burn him.

Directly east of the hidden Distillery on Ard Skellige is a lone island, unmarked. On that island is a old tree with rope and hook hanging from it. Lying at the base of the tree is a dead castaway. There is an interesting little sidequest that I think most would’ve missed if you investigate. It links to Toussaint, however, I am uncertain whether completing this quest has an effect in the B&W DLC. Regardless, I thought it was cool.

Take a loot for yourselves. Visit the thread and contribute with amazing little known facts about the game, if you know any :)


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