An updated Newcomer’s Guide to the WITCHER 3 + Gwent

An incredible Newcomer’s Guide for every new Witcher

A couple months ago I published an article about an incredibly well done written (old school) guide for beginners to the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. The author contacted me recently to inform that there is a new and updated version of the guide now. Take a look, it is a very well done 17 pages PDF book with great art and design.

What is this guide and who is it for, in short:

This guide is intended for newcomers to the Witcher series who wish to dive right into the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It does not contain any spoilers and covers only what newcomets should know at the very start of the game…

Links to the PDF and JPG formats of the guide as well as the author’s account on Reddit:
• Author: Kerry Parsons
• Download in PDF Format
• Download in JPG format
• Reddit discussion about the guide here

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