SWTOR July Producer Live Stream announcement

Bioware is hosting the monthly SWTOR July Producer Live Stream tonight. The hosts will discuss details about the newly released Chapter 15, Patch 4.6 and the Dark vs Light event as well as give us some new information about the future content coming to the game in July 2016.

► July Producer Livestream | 06.29.2016, 02:58 PM

Hey folks,

Quick reminder, that we will be hosting our monthly Producer Livestream tomorrow at 2 PM Pacific. As usual, the stream will last around 30 minutes. You can watch the stream on our Twitch page, here. Charles, Ben, and I will see you there! If you can’t make the stream I will post a wrap-up here on the forums afterwards.


Here are the details for the upcoming SWTOR July Producer Live Stream:

WHEN: Thursday, July 30th, 21GMT (2 PM PT)
WHAT: Get an inside look into the current state of the galaxy and what’s coming in July!
WHERE: https://www.twitch.tv/swtor

If you miss it, you can always visit VULKK.com for the bullet-points and all the most important news and info from the event.

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