WITCHER inspired incredible paintings. A Must See!

Polish artist Jakub Różalski has created a few breathtaking paintings inspired by the world of the Witcher. Before I show you some of them and link you the full gallery, here is what Jakub has to share about himself:

I’m a Polish Concept Artist & Illustrator, currently live and work in Krakow. Professionally I work as a Concept artist & Illustrator from 2002. First steps as an artist I did on canvas and paper, long time before I discovered computer graphics. In my works I try to combine classical painting style & motifs with modern design & interesting concepts. For me, always the most important in my work is create unique atmosphere and tell some kind of story, show everyday situations in unusual environment.

Now, check out some of the paintings I personally liked the most and then follow the link in the bottom of the post for the full gallery. They are all amazing.

Links to the full gallery and some of his other creations on Imgur and ArtStation.

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