Star Wars Celebration 2016: EA Games Presentation

All SWTOR and Star Wars Games news from EA’s panel

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All the Star Wars Games fans got what they were waiting for. The EA Games Panel was a mix between a discussion, introduction and trailer showing. As I focus most of my free time on Star Wars The Old Republic, I will share in just 2 words what we did see and hear during the panel, the rest you can check in the video attached below.

SWTOR announced the next expansion called

“Knights of the Eternal Throne”

ss (2016-07-16 at 09.57.45)Since the Star Wars Celebration website spilled the title of the expansion by mistake a week ago, the title was not a big surprise to us, the players and fans of the game. Also, as expected, the expansion or what we used to call until recently “KOTFE Season 2” is for the moment announced to come in “Fall 2016”, which, based on previous experience and some not-so-secret information regarding the Dark vs Light event currently going on, we can tell that the expansion is expected around the end of October (just like Knights of the Fallen Empire).

James Ohlen was the one person presenting Bioware Austin at the panel and he offered us a short trailer summarizing all of SWTOR’s expansions and updates plus the little teaser about KotET in the end.

Now, sit back and enjoy the two videos.

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