Interview with the new Han Solo and Rogue One’s Space Monkey details

Young Han talks, Space Monkey intimidates

The Star Wars Show released episode 11 a couple days ago and in it we can find interesting insights about the new amazing creature (one of the 2 announced so far aliens) from the upcoming spin-off movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

After a lot of speculations, rumors and gossips, it is now official. The 2nd spin-off movie in the Star Wars universe about a young Han Solo has its star. Alden Ehrenreich has been officially announced to play the lead role as Han, the legendary smuggler… but younger.

During Celebration the so called “Space Monkey” was a huge hit. We still know very little about this creature. And where the name “Space Monkey” come from? The team designing and building the props and costumes never know details about the movie plot, so they call them with their own names.

Check out the interviews in  the latest episode of the Star Wars Show.

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The 2 hosts recorded it right after Celebration. And those of us who watched the whole live stream, we know how much it costed them to be on stage for all these 3 days, hosting the event, interviewing guests and keeping the hype up. I am starting to really await the shows next episodes with more and more eagerness each week. Good news, good production.

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