The end of the WITCHER 3 Blood and Wine Story Walkthrough

Six epic final videos, showing the 2 versions of the story’s end

This week I am preparing to complete the Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Walkthrough. The total collection of the series will have 21 parts, but the number of videos will be bigger. In Part 19 (which I am publishing on Tuesday evening) Geralt has to make a very important decision.

(Beware, minor story spoilers ahead!)

What happened in Part 18? Dettlaff was angry with Syanna because of her lies. He decided to unleash all of his power onto Beauclair, the capital of Toussaint. Vampires are now roaming in Beauclair – destrying the city, while killing and eating everything alive on the streets and even invading people’s homes.

This is where part 19 begins and from here the Walkthrough is split into 2 different versions “a” and “b”. The remaining 3 videos have doubled and so we end up with 19a/19b, 20a/20b and 21a/21b. They are all included in my main Playlist for the series and are clearly marked which part of the story they tell.

The “a” path

Continue the same path I said I will be following throughout the series – Geralt’s decisions to be bound to the lore of the books and the character Andrzej Sapkowski has created. Geralt decides to find and bring back Syanna frm the Fable world where she is imprisoned by her sister. This is what I would call the “happy ending” of the story.

The “b” path

Is the one in which Geralt visits Orianna to ask her for help with the Unseen Elder, who can summon Dettlaff and force him to stand before Geralt for the final confrontation. This is a dramatic story of Orianna’s orphanage, a breath-stopping experience in the cave of the Unseen Elder and a tragic ending of the whole expansion.

I have now finished the Blood and Wine 5 times and have explored pretty much every single outcome, all of the different dialogue options and… quite frankly… I cannot wait to begin it for a sixth time (after a while, not right now :P) in New Game +.

This is one truly epic ending of The Witcher saga and I am very proud to have been a part of it with my own decisions and contributions. Now, all I can wish for you is to sit down and enjoy the last few parts of the Walkthrough. I promise, you will NOT be disappointed!!!

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