Guss Tuno Alliance Recruitment Mission will be available in SWTOR Patch 4.7

He will heal you with jedi power once again!

Bioware’s Ben Irving served us the long awaited good news. Guss Tuno’s Alliance recruitment mission will be made available with the early launch of the final Chapter 16 for Knights of the Fallen Empire on 9th August (Release date for Patch 4.7).

You probably remember that the classic companion was expected to return in Patch 4.6, but an unexpected bug in the mission delayed the release date.

► Guss Tuno is at it again… | 07.29.2016, 06:57 PM

Wanted to pop in quickly to let you know the Guss Tuno Recruitment mission will be available with Chapter XVI as part of Game Update 4.7 on August 9th

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