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Gwent is now officially part of :)

Hi, friends!

I just made a small update on the website by adding 2 new video categories to the Main Menu. The main menu is available at the top on every single page you browse and will help you find the most popular and interesting categories, posts, videos and other interesting items and links.

As you are aware, I have been enjoying the new Gwent closed beta and am quite active in both supporting the development of the game and showing any and all updates and news about it. I’ve published a few video and written tutorials and guides already, while at the same time I am also streaming gameplay with commentary from time to time live gameplay.

It felt like Gwent is not just another game I might try and ditch, so I have added 2 new subcategories for it into the Witcher main category. It’s now called “WITCHER AND GWENT”, but the Gwent part is only about the new stand-alone version of the game, I will not be sharing video or any other content from the original old Gwent mini game, that was part of the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

The new sub-categories are

  • Gwent Guides – video category for Gwent tutorials, guides, various tips and deck building
  • Gwent Gameplay – video category for live stream archives and normal gameplay videos

They are both located in the “Witcher and Gwent” main game category.

Main Menu Update - Gwent Guides and Gwent Gameplay video categories

I hope you enjoy this game. If you do, don’t miss any of the videos and live streams. Learning new tactics and playing together is always more fun! If you have access to the closed beta already, write me an email and I’ll find you on GOG, so we could play a few friendly matches :)))

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