What Rogue One earned by the end of 2016

STAR WARS NEWS - What Rogue One earnings at the end of 2016

Forbes made some calculations and compared the results of Rogue One A Star Wars Story‘s first 3 weeks after release and the results are a little strange, to put it lightly. Among my own small community we all agree that Rogue One is a far better movie than The Force Awakens was. Not that Episode VII was a disaster, not at all. Rogue One, though, had a very different and unique Star Warsy feeling to its plot and characters.

Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the numbers.

Rogue One needed a little more than 2 weeks to break the $400 million in the US region, which was 2 days more than the Avengers and twice longer than The Force Awakens. Another interesting fact is that Disney now owns 11 of the Top 20 most grossing movies based on their success by the end of the 3rd week after their release.

More stats from Forbes.com:

it snagged around $49m over its third Fri-Sun weekend, giving it the fifth-biggest third weekend of all time, behind Jurassic World ($54.4m), The Avengers ($55.6m), Avatar ($68.4m) and The Force Awakens ($90.24m). Yes, it’s starting to trail Avatar so the end is clearly nigh.

The film dropped just 23% in its third weekend, which is way above the 39% third-weekend drop for The Force Awakens last year. Yes, Christmas and New Year’s fell on different days, and yes other “big” December releases held better over the last holiday weekend of the year, but that’s still a terrific hold when you’re dealing with numbers this large. The film will end today with over/under $425m domestic, leapfrogging to 14th on the all-time grossers list

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