GWENT Acronyms: Guide to what all these letters mean

This is a list of the most often used Gwent Acronyms. Often beginner players might wonder what the hell is “SK”, “ST”… or even “GG”. Let’s try and answer all (or at least most) of these questions. These short forms of popular cards, abilities and compos are often encountered on Reddit, Forums and Discord.

The list was compiled by Forum user Riven-Twain. Please, be sure to stop by his forum post and thank them if you find this list useful.

The Factions

NG Nilfgaard
NR Northern Realms
SK Skellige
ST  Scoia’tael

The Cards

Aero – Aeromancy
ADC – Alzur’s Double-Cross
AR – Adrenaline Rush
BMC – Blue Mountain Commando
Borkh – Villentretenmerth
Dbomb or DB – Dimeritium Bomb
DShack(les) – Dimeritium Shackles
FL – First Light
Gaard/Aard – Geralt: Aard
Gigni/Igni – Geralt: Igni
HS – Hawker Support
JC – John Calveit
KoB – King of Beggars
Leshen – Alternative name for Woodland Spirit
Merc – Usually, Eleven Mercenary.
PFI – Poor Infantry (The F refers to The Witcher III version)
RNR – Ragh Nar Roog
‘Shrooms’/Mushrooms – Mardroeme
SS – Skellige Storm
VM – Vicovaro Medic
WHR – Wild Hunt Rider
WH – Water Hag
Whale – Spectral Whale spawned by Blueboy Lugos
WHW – Wild Hunt Warrior
Yencon – Yennefer: The Conjurer


Auto-Include – Card which is included in all decks, usually to counter another, or same, card
BM – Bad Manners
Buff – To strengthen a card’s ability or strength.
CA Card Advantage
CCG – Card Collectable Game
CDPR – CD Projekt RED, developer of Gwent
Cheese – Easy, powerful strategy, considered unfair by some.
(Deck) Thinning – Tactic(s) for drawing desired/needed cards from the deck while playing, other than the initial card draw
F2P – Free to Play
Filtering – Method of determining which cards will be drawn.
GG – Good Game
GY – Graveyard
Meta / Meta-deck – Overall state of Gwent / popular deck based upon most effective and commonly used cards
MMR – Match Making Ratio/Rating
Nerf – To soften or otherwise change a card’s ability or strength (allusion to soft foam toy brand)
OP – Overpowered (also Original Poster on forums)
Res. – Resurrection
RNG – Random Number Generator (used in reference to shuffling system and drop rates for cards)
Snowball Cards – Cards which can progressively gain strength the longer they are on the board, or as a result of the number of other cards played on the board
STR – Strength
TA – Tempo Advantage: The pace of threats and board position affecting the match (e.g. Leshen is a huge TA play, because one Gold can make a 16 or more swing)
WX -Weather Effects

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