GWENT Challenger Tournament Highlights

GWENT Challenger Tournament ($100k Prize) Casters Revealed

The first ever official Gwent Challenger Tournament finals are now behind us. This last Saturday rooted thousands of Gwent fans in front of their TVs and PC screens. And what a drama we saw! CD Projekt Red combined some of the most memorable and best moments from the Finals and put them in one video. You do NOT want to miss this out!

I have to say that I was a fan of McBeard and MegaMogwai from long before their appearance as casters/commentators of this event. Their commentary was phenomenal! You can’t get this level of nerdiness and dedication from normal people, but only from True Gwent Fans :)

If you have missed the results and overview from the Challenger Finals, Lifecoach was the expected favorite and he didn’t disappoint his fans, though the final competition between him and Noxious was very close – 5 games were needed to decide who the winner was going to be.

Take a look at the clip.

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