GWENT Open Beta Changes | Developer Live Stream, 17.May.2017

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Everything we’ve learned about the upcoming Patch and Open Beta

The official CD Projekt Red live stream on 17th May revealed all the changes coming with the transitoin of Gwent into Open Beta. Full recording of the live stream is attached at the end of this article. Below you will find a list of all changes I managed to see and hear during the live stream. It’s possible that there might be some I didn’t catch or ones that will be added with a newer build that may be released as the next patch.

The big announcement is that on 24th May Gwent will go into Open Beta stage. Now, let’s check what is actually changing withing the game – cards, mechanics, rules…

Rewards from Closed Beta

  • Nothing has changed in this department since the original announcement. Players will receive a unique title and a Geralt Avatar.
  • With Closed Beta Ranked players will receive exclusive rank-borders (with particle effects!) and unique titles.
  • Monday morning, 22nd May, Gwent Closed Beta will end and CDPR will start preparing for Open Beta launch on 24th May.

Open Beta General Changes

  • Every single card gets animated premium version!!!
  • New currency is introduced with Open Beta Meteorite Powder – used to upgrade existing non-premium cards to their premium versions. When a normal card is upgraded with this method, the old one is destroyed and replaced. Earn the new currency as leveling up, through ranking and season rewards
  • New menu has appeared right next to Settings – Rewards. Count-down timer is introduced to notify you of how long you have until the daily reset. The Rewards menu/screen will show you all possible rewards you can earn while playing in the various modes of the game. Includes dailies, levels, rank and seasonal rewards.
  • Check out all of the new animated card designs from CDPR’s official video and social media. And, of course, some of them have been demonstrated on the live stream, full archive of which you can find in the end of this article.
  • Starter Decks have been reworked. All of them start with 5 Silver and 4 Gold cards now!
  • Challenges have been introduced – fully voiced tutorials with special tasks and rewards for the players to overcome while learning the game and even beyond the basics. Completing 3 challenges will grant you the leader card these challenges were related to. There are 6 challenges for each faction, each 3 of them grant 1 new leader card.
  • Unseen Elder replaces Geels as a new leader for the Monsters. More on that later.
  • Trinkets! Include Avatars, Borders and Titles. All avatars have unique voice lines depending on which character they represent. There are 8 avatars available.
  • The faction abilities have been REMOVED! All of them! Reason: they felt more limiting than allowing and promising from designer’s point of view and in relations to deck building. The faction abilities have been (to some extend) integrated into the cards from the each faction. Check the screenshots below to see how some of the cards in each faction preserve the old faction abilities.
  • Additional mulligan is now available for all factions in the beginning of rounds 2 and 3.
  • Additional work has been done to various screens and buttons outside of the game board and in the menus.
  • There is an option to Mute your opponents now in the game’s menu.

Developer Video about Premium Cards

Card Changes

  • All leader cards have strength now. They are playable units on the field.
  • The text description of all cards has been reworked. For example: Deploy means “play the card” and is highlighted in the card’s description as a key term. I have compiles a full list of all new Keywords in Gwent Open Beta.
  • Hovering over a card will display a short description in a fly-by mini window next to the card itself.
  • Gold cards are still not affected by normal damaging abilities. Unless specified on the card’s description, the card’s ability.

Below you can see zoomed-in screenshots from the live stream with some of the changes being done to the cards. If you want to check the animations, watch the video in the end of this article.

Neutral Cards
    • There will be counters for Ambush cards. The Lock ability now works on Ambush cards as well! The cards will keep their strength value, but their ability will not trigger when revealed.
  • All Leaders have different abilities compared to Closed Beta.
  • Daegon no longer can play Clear Skies, only weather effects.
  • Weather mechanics play differently now. They damage units on the rows progressively instead of lowering their values straight to 1. Each faction can play weather decks now.
  • Geels has been replaced as leader by Unseen Elder, which absorbs 3 units (like Kayran)
  • Ereding is now a leader that is exclusive to Wild Hunt Decks. He now deploys a Wild Hunt unit when deployed.
Northern Realms

The stream didn’t show or talk about Northern Realms as this faction is still heavily under construction and they weren’t ready to show the cards tonight.

You can find even more screenshots with card changes in this gallery.

Full Video

That is all I managed to extract as useful and interesting information from the live stream. If you spot anything wrong or missing, let me know.

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