GWENT Closed Beta State of the Game Survey Results

Reddit user Mr_Game_Experience has published on Reddit their results from the “State of the Game” survey. Take a look at what the active Gwent Reddit community thinks about the game, what is more valuable and most desired, which new and existing features are working well and how much the community likes the… InGame UI :)

If you have missed the big announcement from earlier this week, Gwent’s Closed Beta ends on 22nd May. The next stage – Open Beta – launches on Tuesday 24th May. Just a couple of days ago CD Projekt Red hosted a 90 minutes long live stream to introduce some of the changes coming with the Open Beta. Man, are there going to be a ton of changes. You really need to take a look at what the devs had to say and show – from huge leader changes, through weather effects mechanics to fancy new avatars and trinkets. And do not forget that Open Beta introduces premium (animated) version of EVERY SINGLE CARD in the game along with a new InGame currency. To learn all this, check out my Recap of the CDPR Dev Stream.

Now, let’s take a look at the results!

I personally think this was a great idea and very useful survey not just for the personal reasons Mr_Game_Experience might have, but for all of us in the community. Don’t forget to stop by the original post of the author and thank them for the nice design and effort they’ve put behind this project :)

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