GWENT In-Game Currencies Guide: How to get them

This guide will tell you what currencies are available and how to earn them InGame

There are several currencies in Gwent The Witcher Card Game. Some are used to craft or upgrade cards, others to directly purchase new cards in bulk. This guide aims to simplify the meaning of each one of the currencies and explain to the Beginner Gwent Players how to earn them InGame.


Gwent Guide to Currencies - daily rewards

InGame currency used to purchase Kegs. Earned as a random reward after each game if your opponent gives you a “Good Game” (GG) or from completing dailies and leveling up. 1 Keg costs 100 Ore. You can also purchase Kegs with Real Life Money. Check below for more info on that.


Gwent Guide to Currencies - leveling rewards

InGame currency used to craft new cards. Earned as a random reward after each game if your opponent gives you a “Good Game” (GG) or from completing dailies, leveling up and ranked play.

Pricing model for crafting new cards:

  • 1 Common Card = 30 Scraps (Normal) or 200 Scraps (Premium)
  • 1 Rare Card = 80 Scraps (Normal) or 400 Scraps (Premium)
  • 1 Epic Card = 200 Scraps (Normal) or 800 Scraps (Premium)
  • 1 Legendary Card = 800 Scraps (Normal) or 1600 Scraps (Premium)

Meteorite Powder

Gwent Basic Tutorial Open Beta Meteorite Powder

This is the InGame currency used to convert normal cards into Premiums. Each and every card in the game has a premium version. Premium cards act exactly as the normal ones, but their design is animated and voiced over with the appropriate sound for the creature or effect they represent. This currency is earned from daily rounds won, through leveling up and from ranked gameplay. The price tags you see in the picture above are in USD.

Pricing model for transmuting normal cards into Premiums:

  • 1 Common Card = 100 Powder
  • 1 Rare Card = 200 Powder
  • 1 Epic Card = 300 Powder
  • 1 Legendary Card = 400 Powder

Card Kegs

Gwent Basic Tutorial Open Beta Buying Kegs

The main source for new cards. You can earn new cards as a level-up reward, but those are few, far apart and in most cases nothing really of a great value to help turn the tides in your games. Kegs contain 5 cards in total. One of them is always a Rare, Epic or Legandary. First you have 4 cards that are randomly pulled out of all cards available. Then you have to pick your 5th card out of 3 other cards that appear on the screen. Premium cards (animated) are also available. CD Projekt Red’s has created Premium versions of all cards for the release of Open Beta. The price tags you see in the picture above are in USD.

Learn more about this In-Game Currency here: GWENT Kegs: What are they, Are they worth it, How to get them, Pricing Models

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