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The Witcher Volume 3: Curse of Crows printed version is out now!

The Witcher Volume 3 Curst of Crows comic book

DarkHorse announced that the printed version of The Witcher Comic Book Volume 3 called "Curse of Crows" is now available! The comic book is written by Paul Tobin and his creation (as expected :P) falls under the Horror, Action/Adventure genre, suitable for readers of 16 years of age or higher. Explore the dark and gritty world…

Everything about SWTOR Patch 5.3 Sisters of Carnage

SWTOR Patch 5.3 Sisters of Carnage Esne and Aivela

Everything you need to know about SWTOR Patch 5.3 Before and After Release Check out the Collective Post to learn Everything about SWTOR 5.0 KOTET  Need SWTOR 5.0 Guides? Check them all out via this link and also from Main Menu This article combines everything about SWTOR Patch 5.3 “Sisters of Carnage”. I have split it to BEFORE LAUNCH and…

Bioware explains how feedback works for the SWTOR Dev Team

SWTOR Roadmap 2017 Updates

In several very long posts on the official SWTOR Forums , game director Keith Kanneg, creative director Charles Boyd and community manager Eric Musco explained how feedback works for the dev team. If you are wondering how they scan and read all of the posts you leave for them in the forums or where else…