GWENT December Patch Details, 20 New Cards Revealed

Full Notes and Overview of CD Projekt Red's Live Stream from 30th November

The official CD Projekt Red live stream on 30th November revealed the changes coming with the next Gwent The Witcher Card Game Open Beta Update. Full recording of the live stream is attached at the end of this article. If you’ve noticed any interesting and important changes that aren’t listed here, leave a comment and I’ll add them too.


The show began with Episode 4 of A Round of Gwent. Main topic was how a static card turns into a Premium animated card. The episode also revealed some interesting details on the evolution of the card style from the Mini game, part of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt to the Stand-alone Gwent The Witcher Card Game. Cards in the original version had to be more like old-school static drawings, similar to real-world cards, while the more modern version and style was adopted when the game became a stand-alone project.

Did you know that a moving picture of a cat was the inspiration to the special “sneak peek around the corner of each Gwent card effect? That was a joke, of course. The process of card creation starts with 3 sketches, then a model is created and finally an animation is done.

If you are eager to learn more about  this, watch this: Gwent Behind the Scenes: The Animated Cards.

Are you aware of the easter egg on Regis Premium Card? Watch it for ~5 minutes to find out!

The Episode also featured a special lore update on 3 legendary female characters: Jutta, Keira and Birna.


Around 109 new cards will come to Gwent in mid December with the next big patch for the game. During the live stream the hosts showed and talked about 20 of those. Note, everything is work in progress and final results in both art and stats may vary.

You can use the GWENT Glossary: All Keywords on the Cards (updated for Patch 0.9.12) to keep up with the Keywords.

  • Isengrim: Outlaw: Gold, 3 Power, Scoia’tael – Outlaw – Choose One: Spawn a Silver special card (of 3 available); or Spawn a Silver Scoia’tael unit.
  • Hym – Gold, 4 Power, Skellige – Choose One: Play a Cursed unit from your deck; or Spawn a Silver unit from your opponent’s deck.
  • Weavess: Incantation – Gold, 4 Power, Monsters – Choose One: Strenghten all allied Relics by 2; or play a Bronze or Silver Relic from your deck and Strenghten it by 2.
  • Letho: Kingslayer – Gold, 4 Power, Nilfgaard – Choose One: Destroy an enemy Leader on the board and set self to 11; or play a Bronze or Silver Tactic from your deck.
  • Geralt: Yrden – Gold, 5 Power, Neutral – Reset all units and remove their tokens.
  • Seltkirk – Gold, 7 Power, Northern Realms – Duel and enemy. 3 Armor. (Duel: choose an opponent unit to attack, deal damage equal to Seltkirk’s Power, then that unit damages you for the remaining power)
  • Saskia: Dragonfire – Gold, 8 Power, Neutral – Banish your hand and draw that many cards.
  • Cadaverine – Silver, Special, Nilfgaard – Choose One: Deal 2 damage to an enemy and all units that share its categories; or destroy a Bronze or Silver Neutral unit.
  • Milaen – Silver, 5 Power, Scoia’tael – Deal 4 damage to the units at the end of a row.
  • Striga – Silver, 5 Power, Monsters – Deal 8 damage to a non-Monster unit.
  • Derran – Silver, 5 Powerm, Skellige – Whenever an enemy is damaged, boost this unit by 1.
  • Vincent – Silver, 8 Power, Northern Realms – Destroy the Armor of all units, then boost self by half the value destroyed.
  • Lesser Demons – Silver, 9 Power, Neutral – Move a unit from your deck to your hand, then Discard a random card.
  • Wyvern Shield – Bronze, Special, Neutral – Boost a unit by the base power of a Bronze or Silver unit in your hand.
  • Bone Talisman – Bronze, Special, Neutral – Choose One: Resurrect a Bronze Beast; or heal an ally and Strenghten it by 3.
  • Winch – Bronze, Special, Northern Realms – Spawn a Bronze Northern Realms Machine and boost it by 2.
  • Peasant Militia – Bronze, Special, Neutral – Fill a row with peasants (Peasant is a Bronze unit with 1 Power).
  • Half-Elf Hunter – Bronze, 6 Power, Scoia’tael – Spawn a copy of this unit.
  • Viper Witcher – Bronze, 7 Power, Nilfgaard – Deal 3 damage, Increase damage dealt by 1 for each Alchemy card in your initial deck.
  • Werewolf – Bronze, 7 Power, Monsters – Immune. Strengthen by 7 on contact with Moonlight. Moonlight will appear in the game too, but will be shown later.


A new part on the Gwent official website was revealed – it contains all new officially revealed cards with full description and animations.

Next week there will be “Factions Challenge”. No details were revealed of it at this point.


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