The 200th Episode of Corellian Run Will Be Special!

One of the oldest SWTOR Podcasts will bring current and former hosts together for this special show

This Saturday will be special for the Corellian Run Radio – a Star Wars The Old Republic Podcast. One of the oldest talk-shows dedicated to Bioware’s game (almost exclusively) celebrates its 200th episode by bringing former and current hosts together for a special episode with an important big announcement.

Heather and Ravanel will be joining Moxys and JT for a special edition of the Podcast to celebrate their big milestone – 200 episodes. The hosts will catch up on all that has been happening not only in 2017, but through all the years since SWTOR’s release.

I will take the role of a Bioware PR agent by announcing the announcement of an announcement! Or… to put it in more simple words, you should not miss this episode. Especially if you have been a loyal fan of the show now or in the past. There is something big that will be announced, but we will have to wait until Saturday to hear the details.

Here’s what you might need to know about CRR:

Corellian Run Radio joined the Star Wars: The Old Republic™ podcasting community in July 2010. Hosts Jason, Mox, and Rav keep things lively with their divergent points of views and wry humor. We highlight the news associate with events, patches, developer notes and press releases. As hosts we love to talk about our personal experiences playing SWTOR and having fun talking about the game we really enjoy. The website also believes in highlighting those in the SWTOR community.

Here is a little more info on who the hosts are

Jason Taylor
My gaming started on the family Commodore Vic 20 and 64. The first game I started playing, after Space Invaders, was a text-based adventure game called Zork. I love role-playing games, from tabletop games to modern single-player & MMOs. My life changed after an injury in December, 1996. I am in a wheelchair and have limited function in my arms and wrists, but no finger movement. It’s because of my injury I am pursuing a degree in-game design and have the time to write for a Star Wars fansite (which has my geek fandom meter shooting way past 10 on the scale). There may be setbacks, but that’s life. I thank God and my family for helping me keep a positive attitude.

Jim DeLizzio aka Moxys
Moxys is a veteran of computer games going back to Tunnels of Doom on a Ti-994a. He’s a fan of both pen and paper RPGs and MMOs. An Imperial at heart he’s always ready to give Jason a hard time while looking to conquer the galaxy. He is one of the guild leaders of Unholy Alliance and Wookiee Mistake on the Harbinger server and enjoys operations.

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