Star Wars Battlefront 2 Galactic Assault Map Rotation Update

The developers from Dice/EA are introducing a Server-side change to Star Wars Battlefront II to change the Daily Rotation of Galactic Assault Maps.

It seems that Dice’s analysis shows Hoth, Takodana, Naboo, Starkiller Base and Yavin 4 don’t appear in the rotation as often as many players would like to. To address this, a server-side change is being applied, meaning no extra client downloads will be required from the players.

Our team has been watching our server rotations and how often matches are being played across our current map offerings. It is clear maps such as Hoth, Takodana, Naboo, Yavin 4 and Starkiller Base do not appear in the rotation as often as many players would like. To address this, our team will be applying a daily rotation update to bring all maps into a better rotation for players. This update is a server-side adjustment, so you will not download an update, and it will roll out across servers over the next 24 hours.  We will continue to keep an eye on map rotations across all game modes and will tweak and adjust as we can.

Source Official Forums

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