News About Next Update to Star Wars Battlefrtont 2

DICE Design Director and Reddit fill in the blanks about the upcoming patch to the game!

Thanks to a number of Twitter posts from the new design director for Star Wars Battlefront 2 at DICE – Dennis Brännvall and Reddit, of course, here we have a list of interesting announcements and updates on tweaks and new features that will be included in the next patch of the game. Keep in mind, these are not official patch notes or statement from DICE or EA.

  • Tweaks to the progression system are currently under development
  • After the long Holiday (or for other reasons?) the DICE Devs are finally able to communicate with fans again about upcoming changes and updates
  • Expecting very soon to hear (and see, hopefully) news about an upcoming skins for Hero characters
  • Incoming tweaks to Jedi and Sith regarding their abilities to be able to deflect Supercharged and Explosive Sentry without taking any damage from the splash
  • There’s a known glitch with the emotes and it is being fixed
  • They are looking into a new visual look and style for the Lightsabers
  • Upcoming fix for Heroes abilities getting locked out
  • Upcoming nerfs to CR-2 and Blurgg weapons.
  • Upcoming nerf to Wookiees
  • Tweaks for rolling and dodging mechanics

These and more you can catch on the Star Wars Battlefront Subreddit board.

We haven’t received anything since the release of The Last Jedi Season, except for the Galactic Assault Map Rotation Update. As soon as something comes up, you will find it published here and if it’s big enough, possibly in a video news update too :)

Source Reddit and Twitter

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