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GWENT In-Game Currencies Guide: How to get them

GWENT In-Game Currencies Guide How to get them

This guide will tell you what currencies are available and how to earn them InGame There are several currencies in Gwent The Witcher Card Game. Some are used to craft or upgrade cards, others to directly purchase new cards in bulk. This guide aims to simplify the meaning of each one of the currencies and…

GWENT Acronyms: Guide to what all these letters mean

GWENT Guides and Tutorials

New to Gwent? Learn more about the game and follow all the news updates. This is a list of the most often used Gwent Acronyms. Often beginner players might wonder what the hell is "SK", "ST"... or even "GG". Let's try and answer all (or at least most) of these questions. These short forms of popular cards,…