Polls are a great way to give me valuable feedback on important things

From time to time I make a new poll to ask for my visitors’ opinions on important decisions or events. Voting in anonymous and very simple – just pick your answer and click VOTE. Some times there may be more than 1 answer allowed. Thank you! :)

What type of a Witcher 3 Walkthrough do you prefer

Should I do “SWTOR Packs Opening” videos?

YouTube vs Twitch for Live Straming

Should I make a Guide for all SWTOR HM Ops Bosses

Your Opinion About My Website VULKK.com? + Video

Battlefront videos on my Channel? + Video

How long have you been following Vulkk on YouTube + Video

July 2015 + Video

June 2015 + Video

May 2015 + Video

April 2015

March 2015

 February 2015