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GWENT July Hotfix Patch Notes (Patch 0.9.8)

GWENT Patch Notes Changelog

The Gwent July Hotfix is now LIVE and here are the official Patch Notes.  Most of them were announced on the Developer Stream from 3rd July. Also, this GWENT Glossary: All Keywords on the Cards, introduced in Open Beta may come in handy. Update: A Technical Update was implemented one day after this hotfix: GWENT Matchmaking and…

GWENT Patch 0.8.60 Changelog ( Nilfgaard Update)

GWENT Nilfgaard Emperor Emhyr var Emreis

New to Gwent? Learn more about the game and follow all the news updates. Nilfgaard Update brings nearly 200 changes. Let's check them all out! We've waited for so long to get the 5th playable faction in Gwent The Witcher Card Game - the Nilfgaardian Empire. On 6th February it finally arrived to the Closed Beta and…

GWENT Patch 0.8.37 fixed the Mardroeme Exploit

GWENT Patch Notes Changelog

Shortly after releasing Ranked Play to GWENT, CD Projekt Red had to patch up a very nasty and unpleasant exploit that was allowing players to auto-win games. This was hurting seriously the competitive gamers. Who would feel the need to cheat in a closed beta of a game, is a different question alltogether :) 0.8.37…