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SWTOR Galactic History and Lore: Datacron Locations Guide

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Visual guide to the location of the SWTOR Datacrons with my narrations for the SWTOR Galactic History Codex Update attached to it. Narrated with voice over by Vulkk.

► FULL PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4Ov43efFNUZIHrBe8ebtD7D6ZLYcr6Dd

Datacrons in SWTOR serve 2 purposes. Each one found has a unique piece of Star Wars History to teach us. They also ehnance our characters’ statistics and make them stronger. Each one datacron on its own is nothing, but there are so many spread on all the available planets in the game, that all combined make up for a great boost. After the stats revamp and transition from per-class stats to a global one called Mastery, all Datacrons were also renamed and repurposed. They retained the original colors, but all that used to yield Strength, Willpower, Aim, Cunning, now reward us with the same amout of Mastery. Another great thing. All datacrons are now finally made Legacy bound and the even better news is that this happened retroactively, meaning all the discoveries you have made prior tp Patch 4.0 and Fallen Empire, will be registered and all of your existing and future characters will benefit from them.
Follow the link on the screen and check the contents of my full playlist for numbers and locations you may have missed or had troubles reaching previously.

SWTOR GUIDE - SWTOR Datacrons Collection - History and Lore of the Old Republic

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