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A Weekly Newsletter so that you don’t miss anything

Weekly Newsletter TemplateAs you may know, I’ve been publishing a Monthly Newsletter with only the best, most popular and interesting videos and articles from my website I did all by hand, personally selecting the links to include, trying to maintain a relatively short in length Newsletter bulletin, but also keep you informed of what Star Wars or Vulkk related happened during the month.

I have now also launched an automated Weekly newsletter. It will include links and brief description to all of my posts (News and Blog Posts articles) from the past 7 days, sorted by date of publish. It features a dark themed design, following the colors of the website and the Monthly Newsletter. For now my idea is to publish and send it to your e-mail boxes every Friday. Why Friday? Because most do it on Monday and the first day of the week is bad by default for such activities. Everybody is tired from the weekend, everybody works more or less harder to catch up for the 2 days of resting… you get my point.

On the screenshot to the left you can see a prototype (demo) version. On the top is the contents section with just links to all articles, below is an excerpt and a few useful buttons (especially the “Share to Social Media” ones, heh).

Hopefully you will enjoy this and find it useful. I’ve been preparing this for months and am finally able to launch it. I’m sure you can take one extra spam… I mean great mail arriving to your e-mail inboxes!


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