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I am an experienced SWTOR player and a huge Star Wars fan. Born and living in Bulgaria. Enjoying Architecture, Football, Basketball, Movies, Books, PC Games.

My first experience with the MMO genre was with Star Wars Galaxies. After it, I played LOTRO. As you already know about me and my weak spot for Star Wars, I must admit that despite all the issues the game had, I loved SWG. LOTRO was my second passion as Tolkien is one of my all-time favorite authors. Since the rumors started ~2006 about a new Star Wars MMO being developed, I began paying more and more attention. In 2008 we officially learned about SWTOR and since its release (and a little before that, in a few of the beta stages), I have been enjoying this game. Since 2013 I also share my experience with my Followers, Subscribers, Friends. You can find all my content and creations in the links below. In the Summer of 2015 I started The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and have been in love with this game ever since. As of Winter 2016 I started playing and covering Gwent The Witcher Card Game. It’s the first ever Card Collecting Game I play, but as a fan of The Witcher Universe, I had to. Turns out, Gwent grabbed me from the first moment. Back in ~2013 I first heard of Star Citizen, a Space Sim PC Game that will take all the best from Star Wars and all the classic Space Sim Games and make it even better. I have an active backers account since early 2015, thanks to a fan, who gifted it to me. Several months before the release of Shadow of War and Battlefront II in Fall 2017, I began my extensive coverage of these two games as well. I loved Shadow of Mordor and the second Battlefront brings a ton of new features plus a brand new canon Star Wars story to the table. What more could I ask for?

Curious what hardware I use? Check here: Vulkk PC Hardware Configuration | Full list of all components with links


My YouTube Channel
Mostly about Star Wars content and games such as my favorite SWTOR and The Witcher 3, the Mass Effect Series, Shadow of  Mordor and Shadow of War, the Star Wars Battlefront series, Star Citizen, Gwent and more. What you can find here is quality Gameplay, Playthroughs and Walkthroughs, Guides, Lore, Tutorials, Overviews, Video Blogs and more. All with very high quality video and sound. All done with great passion. I love the game I play.

My Website
It’s been a very long standing dream of mine that came true in the Summer of 2015. With the help of my great supporters, followers, subscribers and friends I was able to launch it and today it covers everything I care about – from Star Wars and SWTOR, through other games such as The Witcher Series, Gwent and Star Citizen, to personal blog posts about things from the real life and more.


My Patreon Campaign
By spending hours each day working on my videos and with my channel growing, I realize and acknowledge the need for constant hardware improvements and expansions. With your help, I can keep upgrading my production quality and quantity at an even faster pace. Read below about my Tip Jar to learn how you can help me out with a one-time-pledge.

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Look around, I am sure you will find interesting things to watch and read! :)