Probably the best Vulkk-Review I have seen!

YODA AVATAR 2014 (250p)An incredibly positive and flattering short review of my work was posted on a few days ago.

Larry Everett listed 10 “HYPERSPACE BEACON: TEN SWTOR SITES WORTH VISITING”. My name popped in there somewhere and I could not resist but show off the good review my channel and videos received :)

Here’s the full quote about Vulkk:
I watch every video that Vulkk puts out, and he is the only SWTOR player I can say this about. Of course, there are other SWTOR YouTube content creators, but Vulkk is the one I watch most often. I’ve tried to wrap my head around why he’s the one I watch, and I think what sets him apart from the other informative video producers is his positive perspective. Oh, and maybe because he plays my favorite class: Sith Marauder.

Don’t miss out on all the interesting links and descriptions of the 9 other websites and places he encourages you to visit! They are all great, especially the last one! :)

Link to Larry’s Article: CLICK HERE

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