SWTOR.com gets some Attention and an Update

Bioware News SWTORSWTOR,com – the official website for our favorite game will get some updates, attention and awakening!

Eric Musco posted today that some old and obsolete pages on the game’s official website will be modified, removed or updated. After years of not updating the website properly, it looks like for Fallen Empire and Episode 7 we are getting things cleared up and sorted. Slowly, but hopefully heading in the right direction! Now, the only thing I’d like to see fixed and NOT removed is the Sarlacc April 1st Article… It is still available, if you do some digging. If you want to check it out, but cannot, let me know, I’ll help you, hehe. It was posted in 2010 and was arguably the best April Fools joke for the year.

Here’s the original Dev post from the tracker:

Hey folks,

Quick heads up on some changes coming to SWTOR.com in the next couple of days. We know that there are some pages that are in need of being updated, and some other pages that are fairly obsolete. We are starting this process by deleting some of the older pages that are no longer needed. The pages that will be removed are:

  • Elder Game Guide
  • New Player Guide
  • Game Manual
  • Events
  • Galaxy Map
  • Wallpapers (this will now link to our Facebook Wallpaper album)
  • Podcasts (still available on our YouTube channel)

We will be working to make more updates as we go, this is just the start. We just didn’t want you to be alarmed if you saw some pages disappear off the site. Thanks!


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