Video Thumbnails are Finally Looking Normal :))) Thumbnail Template - Website News
The Video Thumbnails are finally in 16:9 aspect! Phew!

I am very happy to share this news. Maybe some of you did notice this issue and were wondering if it’s intended. Of course it was not. The default theme I purchased has many flaws, but one by one I manage to discover and edit them out. The current design of the Single Video Page is finally looking the way I want it to, with a normal big embedded player, whose thumbnail and format are a proper 16:9 scale on any and all displays and resolutions.

Here is an example of how the page looked BEFORE:

Video Thumbnails berfore

And now we have a much real and better looking AFTER design:

Video Thumbnails after

If you had not noticed it before, it is likely you either don’t pay enough attention or have never visited my website, hehe.
Well, I do love the fact that I found the fix. It is so simple,but, honestly, could not do it without the lovely “Google search” tool that, unlike my Theme’s CS, is completely free for everyone :)