Bioware announces coming companion changes on Monday

SWTOR Dev Post

The feedback is taken under consideration, changes are coming. Again.

After some 150+ pages of opinions and discussion on the official forum, Bioware’s responce was short, simple and interesting. This coming Monday they will announce what their decision is. There will be changes, “quite a few” according to Eric Musco’s own words.

The devs claim they have gone through all the shared info, not just these 150+ pages on the Forums, but social media and Reddit as well. They know the players’ opinion, now we wait to hear what is the plan. Since this was written on a late Friday afternoon (for Bioware’s office location), we wont hear the news until Monday.

BTW, here’s the message Eric posted in the same thread that he opened just a day earlier. Yes, in just this ~1 day the activity was insanely high. :)

► Companion Change Feedback | 11.20.2015, 05:01 PM

Hey folks,

First off, we want to thank all of you for your feedback about Companion balance following 4.0.2. As we go into the weekend, we wanted you to know that we have gone through this thread, the forums, Reddit, and social media to gather everyone’s perspectives. We have come out of this with quite a few action items that we are going to take, including buffs for Companions. On Monday, we are going to release a forum post highlighting our plans to address current Companion balance, along with the state of Heroic Missions and Star Fortress.

Thank you all once again for your feedback.


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