☆ SWTOR December Producer Livestream – Recap and Overview

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Ben Irving and Eric Musco hosted the swtor december producer livestream

The live event started, just as announced, exactly on time – 23GMT. Ben is a leading producer for Star Wars The Old Republic. He was joined by the usual host Eric Musco, community manager for SWTOR. The live stream was separated in a few segments

This new link appeared just now on the official website: http://www.swtor.com/fallen-empire/rewards

State of the Galaxy

ss (2015-12-02 at 01.43.07)In this segment Ben talked about how and why Bioware decided to go back to their roots – Epic Storytelling. Their decision was based on Player Feedback. After Fallen Empire shipped, the new feedback they received was all positive and they were glad with going back to Story. Eric explained once again and reminded the viewersthat Bioware does pay attention to all possible feedback. Not just from Forums, but Reddit, social media and all.

Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise

ss (2015-12-02 at 01.43.15)Release date for Chapter X of Fallen Empire is 11th February 2016. The plan is still to have one new chapter every 4 weeks (or one new chapter each month). Players will have a chance to continue their personal story, recruit Clio (?) or Kaliyo (more likely?!), a dangerous new ally. Make deadly and filled with consequences decisions. One of these decisions brings big differences in the end of the chapter and another one will result in a significant change of events in a future chapter. All decisions players have made during chapters 1 to 9 will result in different outcomes throughout the story as well.ss (2015-12-02 at 01.52.05)

Bowdar returns in Chapter X! Players can get him by fighting in the Eternal Championship, which is an arena where players have to defeat various oponents (bosses) to recruit Bodwar.
New levels of crafting is finally coming, also with Chapter X. No more details at the moment. Future Jan update will share more information on the crafting update and changes.

Subscriber Reward Program

ss (2015-12-02 at 01.43.33)Bioware is happy about the results and the success of the Summer build up to Fallen Empire. Now they want to repeat it, but also upgrade the perks and rewards. Ben asked the stream chat who is their favorite companion in Fallen Empire. The surprise is that for current subscribers on 11th January 2016 will receive HK-55 on 11th February. Yes, the droid returns! The way to get him (back) is to be a subscriber on this date.
Eric talked about the survey Bioware did recently about what players want most as a subscriber perk. The most popular answer was “Companions”. That’s why they are presenting HK-55 as a special reward for January.

There comes the time for THE BIGGEST announcement for Subscriber perks.

All who subscribe from Jan 11th through the release of Chapter 16, will receive a special EXTRA CHAPTER, where players can play as HK-55!

There will be Subscriber rewards EVERY MONTH. Also if you are subscribed on the first date of each month, you will get early access to the next chapter that will be released on the 9th of the month. Example given was: If you are Sub on Feb 1st, you get early access for Chapter 10 on Feb 9th (2 days early access). Every month here will be a special secret reward for being a subscriber to SWTOR. Bioware is not announcing these special monthly rewards tonight.

December events

ss (2015-12-02 at 01.43.52)As planned and showed earlier, and as I posted them about a month ago, the events will be as follows:

(Starting December 8th – For 1 week each)

  • Gree
  • Rakghoul Plague
  • Bounty Hunter Contract Week

(4th anniversary rewards)

  • Log in between 8th December 2015 and 1st January 2016, all old rewards and decorations are returning.
  • Life day will bring Double XP once again!

Eric Musco’s Forum Post-Recap

Producer Letter Livestream Wrap-up | 12.01.2015, 11:50 PM

Hey folks,

Here is a wrap-up of the things we talked about on the Producer Letter Livestream…

Chapter 10 – Anarchy in Paradise will be launching on February 11th. Along with Chapter 10, will be Game Update 4.1 which will include Fighting for the Eternal Championship, Bowdaar as an unlockable Companion through Alliance, and updates to Crafting. We will have more details on those changes in January.

We have a whole host of new subscriber rewards for you as well:

  • Be a subscriber on January 11th and receive HK-55 as a playable Companion when 4.1 launches on 2/9.
  • Be a subscriber continuously from January 11th through the launch of Chapter 16, and receive an entire bonus Chapter where you will play as HK-55!
  • Be a subscriber on the 1st of each month, and receive 2 days of early access to any Chapter which launches that month. This includes Chapter 10 in February.
  • There will also be additional monthly subscriber rewards throughout Season 1, most of which will be themed around HK-55.

Throughout the month of December, we will have plenty of things going on as well. The Gree, Rakghoul, and Bounty Contract events will each run for a week. Log in any time from 12/8 to 1/5 to receive our 4th anniversary rewards, including an HK-51 Stronghold Decoration, more information later this week! We will also be running Life Day and Double XP, more info on those tomorrow.

We hope you enjoyed the stream and want to thank you all for tuning in. If you have any questions about the stream or anything else, throw them in this thread and I will work with Ben on getting them answered. Thanks!


Full Video Recording of the Livestream

This was all the duo shared during the half an hour live stream. If you want to, you can watch the full recording embedded down below.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/IFHtDhC5lO0″]

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