SWTOR Cartel Packs changes coming with the Strategy Alliance Pack

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SWTOR Packs and their contents since Patch 4.0 continue with the next Store update

In the below linked post by Eric Musco, it seems that Bioware is making all these changes based on Players’ feedback. Since I don’t use the Cartel Store much (except when I have to purchase an item for my Patreon monthly rewards of other kind of a giveaway), I cannot say whether this is a good change or not. What do you think?

Original post:

► Pack Changes Coming With the Strategy Alliance Pack | 12.07.2015, 12:22 PM

Hey folks,

As we moved into the launch of Fallen Empire, the Cartel Market team has been making continuous changes to improve the overall Cartel Market experience. Much of this based on the feedback from those of you right here in the forums. One of the pieces of feedback they received regarding new packs is that they felt a bit lean.

With the new Strategy Alliance Pack releasing tomorrow, they will be adding back the second Primary Slot to each pack. This is similar to how previous shipments worked. That means that the contents of this pack will look like:

  • Primary Slot (Mount, Armor)
  • Primary Slot (Mount, Armor)
  • Companion Gift
  • Jawa Junk

Thanks everyone, keep the feedback coming as the team looks to continue on improving packs.



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