New PvP Warzone coming to SWTOR

SWTOR Dev Post

The impossible is happening! Bioware is working on a new SWTOR Warzone!

Not much details yet. As usual, Bioware is very quiet and cheap on details. More we will learn in February next year, for now all we got is a hint of a new PvP map coming to our favorite game.

Here’s Eric Musco’s Dev Post Quote:

► Producer Letter Livestream Wrap-up | 12.11.2015, 11:36 AM

Hey folks,

We know you are looking for more information on the timing of future group content. Although I cannot go into any details yet I will say this… We are actively working on a new Warzone, and we are looking to start revealing details in February (Insert my usual disclaimer of all things are subject to change). On the PvE side, we do not have anything specific to announce at this time but we will certainly share more information as we have it.

The team is hard at work on the 7 remaining Chapters in Season 1, as well as additional content, which you will get monthly starting in February. For us, it is important that all of the our content, group content included, ties into the storyline of Fallen Empire and connects to your character’s story. Story is what sets The Old Republic apart and it is important for us to deliver your personal story across all aspects of the game.

We hope that this addresses some of the concerns that you may have. As always, I will pass on updates as I have them. Thanks everyone.


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