WTOR PTS 4.3 is Online Now, Patchnotes available too

For the first time in ages Bioware opens the Public Test Server for players. It’s been almost an year since the last time we saw PTS online. Here’s what we can find on it:

► Game Update 4.3 PTS Patch Notes | 02.25.2016, 03:34 PM

New Warzone: Odessen Proving Ground! Train with other mixed-faction Alliance teams by vying for control of multiple capture points in this new Odessen-based Warzone! Use power ups to turn the battle in your favor! (PTS Note: Only Odessen Proving Ground and Rishi Cove Arena are available in the PvP Queue).

New Warzone Arena: Rishi Cove Arena! This new Warzone Arena hosts 4v4 Deathmatches in both Ranked and Unranked queues. (PTS Note: Only Odessen Proving Ground and Rishi Cove Arena are available in the PvP Queue).

New Gameplay Focus Areas! Both PvP and PvE instances are now available on any server, allowing friends who prefer any gameplay type to play together on the same server. Players can toggle their focus via their Character Portrait or the mini-map icon.

Unlock additional Strongholds! You can now activate all 5 Strongholds for use by your Legacy!

More Flagship Decorations! Players can now place up to 300 Decorations (+50%) on their Guild Flagship!


PvP-oriented Missions now have red text in the Mission Log.

Common Decoration limits have been increased to 999 (up from 50). Limited Decorations have not been changed.

Guilds can now have up to 1000 members (up from 500).

Players can now add a single space in their character name, e.g. “Satele Shan.”

Maximum Character name length has been increased to 20 (up from 16).

When using the “/who” command, if there are less than 10 results, the results are returned to the chat window instead of opening the “/who” interface. This behavior can be changed in Preferences.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/r8K6LK2cNXU?list=PL4Ov43efFNUaVRKY1urprO_HdWfEYslbG”]

Important announcements from Bioware:

► Do not use start @ 60 tokens on PTS | 02.25.2016, 04:08 PM

Hey everyone,

If you are using PTS to test high-level content, use the Character Transfer option found in your Account on swtor.com.

DO NOT USE START @ 60 TOKENS ON PTS. The PTS is a live server and it will deduct from your account’s Start @ 60 uses. Customer Support will not be able to restore any tokens used on the PTS, and characters that are created on PTS will be wiped at the end of the testing cycle.


► 4.3 PTS: Strongholds Offline | 02.25.2016, 08:30 PM

Hey everyone!

Strongholds are unavailable in the current build of the PTS.


► Game Update 4.3 PTS | 02.25.2016, 08:32 PM

Hey folks!

We are about to open up the PTS, so I’m going to close this thread. You can migrate over to the PTS Forums for all your Public Test needs!


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