Malachor is in Star Wars Rebels, is KOTOR Canon now?

Ezra goes to Malachor in Rebels, does that make KOTOR canon now?

In a 7 minute long interview about the insights of Episode 18 from Season 2, Pablo Hidalgo has a segment where he talks about Yoda’s sending Ezra to the planet Malachor. As you might remember, it played a big part in both KOTOR and KOTOR 2, so a natural question follows from the reporter, who’s interviewing him:

“With Yoda telling Ezra to go to Malachor,
does that mean KOTOR and KOTOR 2 are now Canon?”

No. What it means is both stories share a planet. The canon story telling that happens in Rebels and any other stories that we tell, have free right to pull from Legends Storytelling from the Expanded Universe. So, in this case the planet Malachor provided an interesting option. Also Malachor was name-checked in Clone Wars and that opened the gate in having it appear in Rebels as well.

This was his answer, transcribed from what I heard in the video. I have to admit, I had hoped it would be a different one, but expected to hear something along exactly these lines. To get the full answer, check out the video I have attached below (starting ~5:10):

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